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News & announcements 5,002 views Jul 01, 2015
3 Improvements to the Way You Make Donations on Localgiving

Ahoy-hoy - I’m Kevin, and I head up the Technology team here at Localgiving. We are constantly working to refine and improve the donation process to make sure your donation goes even further, and we’re happy to announce a few changes today that we hope you’ll love.

We’ve made donating quicker and reduced our payment processing fees

First up, we are excited to announce an improvement that:

Screenshot of Stripe checkout process

  1. makes it a lot faster and easier to make a donation
  2. means that more money is received by the charity from each donation made.

Both are made possible since we have begun working with Stripe as our new payment solution partner. Stripe processes payments for the likes of Twitter and Facebook, and as a developer their platform is a breeze to use. They provide a great checkout experience for users, and most importantly they are helping us to ensure more money goes to the 2,000 charities on Localgiving.

As a supporter, you’ll notice a change when you make a one-time donation. You now enter your payment details at the same time as choosing the amount, rather than having to jump to another page. Everything is a little clearer and easier. We hope you will see less time waiting for pages to load, leaving you more time to share you donation with your friends.

As a charity, you’ll now receive more from each donation. When you make a £10 by debit card, at least 10p more will reach the charity than before.

We are continuing to offer an option to donate with your PayPal account as that has been popular amongst supporters on our platform and also provides a smooth experience. You will see the ‘Donate with PayPal’ button on the donation page. an extra touch we’ve branded each charity’s donation page with their own logo. We have seen more donors landing directly on the donation page, so it seemed sensible to be doubly clear about who they were donating to!

You can now donate even more (or less)

Secondly, we have broadened the donation limits on the platform so that as a supporter you can donate as little as £2 or as much as £5,000 in one go.

This was a no brainer. We can see that supporters have tried to donate more than our previous limit of £1,000 - so why stop that! Nudging the lower limit down from £5 to £2 was simply a response to some recent feedback we have collected from supporters.

N.B. As a charity you can adjust your suggested donation amounts for your Localgiving pages (incl. appeal page) to reflect higher or lower amounts as you feel appropriate.

Brand new buttons enable you to link directly to your donation page from your website 

Finally, we’ve given charities and fundraisers a new set of embeddable buttons to get donations flowing to their charity, appeal, and fundraiser pages.

Here's one for "Micks Big Jump" - the winner of #LocalHero 2015:

You can place these buttons on a webpage, show live dynamic data about your cause, and point people to your donation pages. Fundraiser and Appeal buttons show a progress thermometer, whilst the standard Donate buttons link directly to your Localgiving charity page.

Charities and fundraisers can find the new Buttons in their fundraising toolkit.

If you have any questions or require help with anything included in our latest release, please feel free to give us a call on 0300 111 2340 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.