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Tips & guides 5,552 views Nov 21, 2018
Free online training solely for non-profits.

For small charities, every single penny and moment of time counts. Digital work is essential, but tough. It’s time consuming, technical and extremely important.

For many small to medium sized charities, managing digital activity means squeezing it in whenever there’s time, and frantically Googling the technical stuff they don’t understand in the hope that we might get a basic grasp of something other people have spent years learning how to do.

That’s why we at Platypus Digital created Control R, the world’s first free online training course in digital marketing skills developed solely for non-profits.

Here’s why you should sign up.

You’ll learn all the basics of everything

Ok, we can’t teach you absolutely everything, because even we don’t know it all. But we can teach you the basics of Google Analytics, Facebook advertising, Google Adwords, email campaigns, search engine optimisation and a whole host more.

You’ll learn how to set campaigns up correctly, how to monitor them properly, how to optimise them effectively, and how to tie everything together into one amazing, synchronised strategy that achieves your objectives.

It’s bitesized

If you’re anything like us, 9 to 5 training days just aren’t for you. All too often, we’ve forgotten half the stuff we were taught in the morning by the end of the day.

The Control R series is split into really easy to digest sessions that last no longer than 40 mins each. You get emailed a session once a week so you won’t get overwhelmed. You’ll complete the course in seven weeks. 

We specialise in charity comms

The entire Control R training series was developed on behalf of charities. That means no lengthy sections about ecommerce or branding that don’t apply to you. Platypus Digital specialises in digital marketing for charities, which means we know exactly what you need to achieve, how tightly you have to budget, and how much pressure you’re under to make every penny count.

If you work in charity digital comms, you’ll struggle to find a training course that can teach you as much about talking specifically to donors, volunteers and fundraisers as this one will.

Thousands of charity comms staff are already benefitting

Our Control R series has helped over 1,100 participants so far, and in a variety of roles from Trustees to Coordinators. 75% of them rated the training as a 4 out of 5 when asked how actionable it was against their everyday work, which mean this really is a course that can help everyone.

Control R was developed for the 99.9% of charities who will never benefit from an ice bucket challenge or a no-makeup selfie, but we count some really notable names amongst our students, and 100% of our trainees said they would recommend Control R to their charity colleagues.

We’re thrilled that the series is helping lots of charity employees, because most of us are working to make the world a better place. By helping you deliver stirling campaigns, we’re helping your beneficiaries, and that’s what Platypus Digital is all about.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for the Control R series here

We’ll send you a video a week, but you can watch them whenever you like. At the end of our seven week course, you’ll have a much better understanding of charity digital marketing, and how everything ties in together to form complementary campaign activity.

See you online!