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Fundraising stories 3,820 views Dec 18, 2018
Sarah Runs Her Heart Out

22 years ago the world changed forever.

Nicola, a daughter, sister and one of my best friends sadly passed away.

She was beautiful, so popular, funny, warm, and caring. We had so much fun growing up and I miss her very much. From that day I said to myself that I would try and live my life to the fullest because Nicola was no longer able to.

Running the London Marathon was always on my ‘list’. When I entered the ballot this year I never really thought I would get in, but what happened? I got in first time and I am now entered to run 26.2 miles round London in April next year.

I feel incredibly lucky to be given this opportunity and so I wanted to run for a charity that meant a lot to me. After doing some research I found a local charity called Solve It which is based in Northampton.

Solve It was set up in 1988 by a woman who lost her son in the same way as Nicola. The charity works with teenagers, parents, carers and other organisations to educate people about the consequences of new psychotic substances (aka NPS or former legal highs) and in particular solvent abuse.

Nicola is still missed and loved so very much. I am running in her memory and would love any support to help this small charity keep up the amazing work it does. Running a marathon is going to be a pretty big challenge for me as, although I ran the Oxford half last year, I have not run much since. I also have a slipped disc to contend with! However, knowing I am running for a wonderful charity that is reliant on fundraising is motivating me enormously.

No one has run the marathon for Solve It before. I am so honoured to be the first. I will keep you updated on my training progress HERE and if you would consider sponsoring me that would be great.

Thank you for reading; both myself and Solve It really appreciate your support.