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News & announcements 4,623 views Jan 07, 2016
Ready Made Fundraising Concerts

Bob Porter is Artistic Director of the Brandenburg Choral Festival of London. Now in its seventh year, the Festival organises over 120 concerts a year in a range of iconic central London venues.

Many of you will be scratching your heads and wondering what original and exciting fundraising event you can offer your supporters in 2016 which doesn't require any financial commitment, is easy to organise and allows you some important face-to-face contact with your supporters.

A fundraising concert can be relatively cheap to organise if you can source a free or discounted venue and you know of an amateur music group or choir. However, if you don't have the necessary contacts or the time to organise your own concert, or maybe you want something a bit more special than a concert in your local church, another route is to explore partnerships with concert promoters in your nearest large town or city.

Fundraising choral concerts - the Brandenburg model

For the past two years, the Brandenburg Choral Festival of London has been running a fundraising initiative which enables small charities to raise funds by selling tickets to one of our London choral concerts and retaining a share (up to 50%) of the value of tickets sold.

Over 100 charities have chosen to partner with us. Why? Because we are offering them a quality fundraising event which doesn't require any event management or financial commitment.

And it's not just the fundraising aspect which interests them. The concerts have also provided charities with:

  • low-cost reception opportunities, enabling trustees and staff to thank supporters;
  • a special event to form part of a charity's anniversary celebrations; and
  • the chance to promote awareness of their work to a new audience via a free advert in the concert programme and by having their logo on our flyers and website.

Our charity partners are a huge asset to the Festival and we are proud to be associated with them. They value our partnership as it provides them with a unique opportunity to offer a high-quality fundraising event to their supporters which would otherwise be beyond their reach.

There is a burgeoning enthusiasm for choral music in this country and I hope that what we're doing at Brandenburg will inspire small charities and community groups to tap in to the myriad of excellent choral, and indeed other music, concerts taking place around the country in 2016.

If you are thinking of organising a fundraising concert in your area and would like some advice, please get in touch by emailing or calling:07770 937328.

For info about Brandenburg's fundraising opportunities, visit


Headshot by Mark Thomas, Main image by Marc Gascoigne.