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  • 19 Aug 2015
    Thinking of what you can do to fundraise for charity can sometimes be harder than the challenge itself! To help get those ideas flowing we've created an A - Z of fun activities you can do that'll be sure to get your friends and family to support you and your chosen charity. Think outside the box Running a marathon is an amazing achievement, but if running isn't for you there are loads of other ways you can raise money for a local charity. On Localgiving we've had all sorts of wacky ideas including eating 3 whole chickens in an hour and sitting in a baked bean bath while having your head shaved plus some creative ideas such as a vote on which songs a choir will sing at an event. Think local! Once you've come up with your idea all that's left is finding an amazing local charity or community group to fundraise for - and that's where we come in. We've got thousands of local voluntary groups that would love your support! Find one in your area by simply entering your postcode into our search and scrolling through the groups closest to you.                       
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  • 30 Dec 2015
    Heavy rain and gale-force winds are expected again today to hit parts of North and West Yorkshire, including the Calder Valley, which experienced severe flooding on Boxing Day. While the community gather to begin the clean up, others are bracing for more damage from Storm Frank.  In West Yorkshire, thousands of homes were affected after the Calder river banks burst, with more than 550 homes still without power. Many bussinesses have also been affected having to throw away spoiled stock and expensive equipment.  Residents, unable to return to their homes need emergency accommodation. To help fund the flood relief, Community Foundation for Calderdale have set up an appeal. Over £180,000 has already been generously donated to help with the costs of cleaning up after the flood water falls. The money raised will also be given out as small grants to help people in West Yorkshire rebuild their homes and businesses.  Steve Duncan, Chief Executive of Community Foundation for Calderdale today said, “The Community response to the flooding has been phenomenal, we have had volunteers from across the UK helping us to clean up and prepare for Storm Frank. People have lost so much, at least 2000 homes have been flooded in Calderdale many of whom could not get flood insurance. We started our Localgiving appeal page on the afternoon of the flooding to enable us to help people with immediate effect. It is this flexibility that allows Community Foundation to respond so quickly and make a substantial impact when it is most needed. We have been overwhelmed by the response and have already raised £181,000, however we know we need a lot more to be able to help those who have been affected.” Please give generously to the Calderdale Flood Relief Appeal ---- More appeals: Tadcaster Albion Amateur Football Club are appealing for donations to help them repair damage made to the pitch and clubhouse. Click here to listen to the owner James Gore talk about the impact of the floods. Wales Community Foundation have also set up a Flood Recovery Fund for those affected to help local people with recovery, rebuilding, and community initiatives. A warehouse used by Bike Rescue Project in York was flooded, damaging many essential tools for recycling bikes. This has also affected their training and outreach programmes.  If your charity has also been affected, please get in touch via our help desk.        
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  • 29 Jul 2015
    Supporters of Bath Abbey have a huge task ahead. They are currently trying to raise £4.5 million for their Footprint project, a development programme to repair Bath Abbey's collapsing floor, install an Eco-friendly heating system using Bath's hot springs and create additional space and improved facilities for the half a million people who use the Abbey every year. One fundraising activity that took place was a 140 mile walk from Bath Abbey to Lambeth Palace, The Footprint Walk. The team set off on Sunday the 5th July and arrived in London 6 days later. Katie McGill, Development Officer from Bath Abbey explained that the #LocalHero campaign came at the right time to help promote their sponsored walk.   "#LocalHero seemed like a great way to encourage people to support the walk. It was nice that it didn’t matter how much people gave, just that the more supporters, the better chance we had of winning one of the prizes on offer. It was also perfect timing as the walk was due to start five days after the end of the #Localhero campaign. We had a rush of donations in the last days of the #Localhero competition as people really wanted their donation to count towards our score. It was very exciting to keep checking where we were on the leaderboard, wondering if we would make it into the top 5! It was also inspiring to see all the other brilliant fundraisers raising money for charities all across the country too." Strolling into 2nd Place The team, including the Rector, Edward Mason, Footprint Project Director Charles Curnock, Footprint Appeal Director Laura Brown & Churchwarden Emeritus Jeremy Key-Pugh managed to receive 103 points in the #LocalHero campaign landing them in 2nd place and winning them a £500 prize.  Currently, the team have raised over triple their original target and the total currently stands at £16,537.75, including offline donations, Gift Aid and their prize money. What's the secret to their success? Local support! "We’ve been spreading the word about the walk on our website, chatting to people about it on Twitter and Facebook using our hashtag #footprintwalk and via local media. The team of walkers were interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol, appeared in the local paper (twice!), in local magazines and blogs. We’ve also had lots of encouragement from local businesses, and the walkers friends, family and colleagues." See the team's fundraising page here or find out more about The Footprint Project.
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  • 26 May 2015
    To introduce the campaign we've got a very special video from Lord David Puttnam, who produced world famous films such as Chariots of Fire, Midnight Express and The Killing Fields. He also produced a wonderful film called Local Hero in 1983, which matches the name of our campaign. So, we asked whether he'd be willing to say a few words about it and we're thrilled to say he accepted! Watch the short video below to hear his introduction to the contest. How does #LocalHero work? This June, we're giving away £5,000 worth of prizes to the top 20 fundraisers. Participants will be ranked according to the number of unique online donors from whom they secure sponsorship throughout the month. To help you find a #LocalHero we've put together some handy resources such as an email template, social media banners and a PR template. Find them here. If you are struggling for inspiration then check out these examples of fantastic fundraisers to get those ideas flowing:      Do you want to be a #LocalHero? Sign up here!  
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Featured charities 4,357 views Apr 29, 2014
Roaming CIC: Bringing people together through creative process

Roaming Penzance is a community-led group in Penzance, a safe social space where anyone who finds themselves homeless, or disadvantaged in some way, is regarded as equal and able to be themselves. Laura Wild, Roaming CIC Director and facilitator of the group, talks about Roaming’s creative activities that provide a focus for people in rebuilding their confidence and self-esteem.

In our Thursday group we create a regular space where people are able to relax and share art activities as well as baking bread, cooking and eating a healthy meal together. Some people find us by word of mouth, most are referred by St. Petroc’s Society in whose premises we meet. St.Petroc’s provide Outreach and Resettlement Services throughout Cornwall.

We have lively discussions as a group over lunch about life, art and our environment and how best to value these things. We plan together which art processes, writing or cooking we wish to share together. Occasional field trips allow us to explore and experiment more widely and visiting artists give us new perspectives on art as well as culture in general. Twice a year we hold exhibitions of our work so the wider Penzance community can see and talk with us about what we do. We have found this helps to narrow gaps in understanding between people with different lifestyles.

Penzance is one of the most deprived parishes in England and recently local support services were cut. The activities that we provide would be otherwise unaffordable to our members. We hope that the “Charity begins in Cornwall” Match fund from Localgiving will help us to raise more awareness for our group and crucial funds to be able to continue.

We are passionate about the difference we are able to make for the community and happy with the great feedback we’ve received.”

Read messages from members and supporters of Roaming Penzance:

“I am very grateful for the warm reception I received every Thursday within the group at Roaming Penzance. The stress, and I must say hardship, I experienced whilst homeless was regularly broken up, giving me a days respite on those Thursdays. Laura would, and still does if the need arises, greet me with a cup of coffee or tea from her limited resources - then I would spent few hours spent in a very relaxed atmosphere painting or water coloring or simply reading a magazine.” Former member of Roaming CIC

“Roaming cuts across all kinds of old, inhibiting categories—especially what is and isn’t “art”,what is and isn’t “research,” what is and isn’t “good” or “true” or “valuable.”We all want to learn something new, about ourselves, one another, and the conditions we share.” Nancy Roth – Director of Roaming CIC

“The ‘Roaming’ Art Group has been a great success thus far, as evidenced by the recent exhibition. Artwork produced by those attending the group has been displayed at Breadline. I spoke to some of the artists who were present at their exhibition, and it was clear to me that this exhibition was quite a big event in their lives, which had given them a sense of achievement and self-worth. It was touching.” Dr Heidi Burke, Cornwall Health for Homeless

“Roaming Penzance gives people the chance to begin to build some structure into their lives. They have the chance to try things, discover new skills, be part of a group where they feel welcomed, included, and valued for their talents not their label. These things are positive and very important when people are faced with uncertainty and lacking confidence as they begin to move on in their lives.” Debbie Croucher, Development Coordinator, Transformation Cornwall

“I am so much in favour of these sorts of things that attempt to address the root causes rather than merely providing a pill to try and do something to reduce the effects; it’s much more time consuming but so much better for all concerned, so I do congratulate and thank you all for what you are doing.” Colonel ET Bolitho OBE, Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall

To find out more about Roaming CIC and to support them, visit their website on Localgiving. Read more about the ‘Charity begins in Cornwall’ match fund here.

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