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How to prepare for a marathon

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    Following my previous post on why you should consider  running for charity, I’ve decided to share with you my top tips for preparing - from the training to the fundraising preparation. 

    The marathon itself is not the only journey you will undertake when you decide to run. Much preparation and commitment is involved and the journey to the start line is just as important as the race itself!

    Giving equal attention to the physical preparation as you do to promoting your page will help increase the chances of you completing the race and raising funds! Preparing for the marathon is great but if no one is aware of your event they won’t know how to donate!

    Here are a few general tips to help you on your way:

    Training for your marathon:

    • First check with your doctor that you are fit enough to run. This is a huge physical challenge to undertake and shouldn’t be taken lightly!
    • Ensure you give yourself enough time to train. If the marathon is a month away, maybe you should consider next year’s instead!
    • Planning is key. Mark on your calendar what days you’ll train and when you will give yourself breaks. These are important to allow your body to recover from training.
    • Keep yourself fuelled! You’ll be burning a lot of calories, make sure you’re getting enough energy. Carbs are key but getting in some protein is essential too.
    • Do a dress rehearsal. Practise with a shorter distance a few weeks before to test your technique and running gear to see if you’ll feel comfortable.

    Tips to promote your fundraising event:

    • Create your fundraising page to share your story- let people know why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it for. Use high quality images to assist you with telling your story.
    • Promote your fundraising page to your network- family, friends, colleagues, trustees, committee members, beneficiaries, previous supporters- anyone and everyone! It doesn’t hurt to share your cause and ask for a donation.
    • Share your page on different platforms. Social media is a great starting pointing with Facebook and Twitter as you can include your URL and direct supporters to donate.
    • Print and local press are also avenues you should consider. The more people that see your page the better.
    • Always take advantage of Gift Aid and match fund schemes if they are available. Circulating an email about your page just after payday can also get a bit more in!

    Don’t’ forget to say thank you! It’s important to engage with your sponsors right up until the event and make sure you let them know how much you appreciate their support even after it’s done.

    Good Luck!