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News & announcements 6,125 views Jun 27, 2016
How Google Grants Can Provide £78,000 to Your Charity

If your local newspaper were to offer your charity a free centre page spread, you’d jump at the chance. Who wouldn’t?

Google have been offering charities the online equivalent for over 13 years. If you haven’t already, here’s how to make the most out of this opportunity.

So, what is AdWords?

When looking to find a service, a club or an activity what is the first thing we do? These days the vast majority of people would start with a Google search.

It is therefore essential that your group appears on the first page of a Google search for your activity or services. Google AdWords is an advertising service designed to make this happen.

Google Adwords ensures that display ads will appear for people searching for charities or groups like you.  

It’s FREE!

Through its Ad Grants programme, Google gives non-profit organisations $10,000 (£6,600) worth of free ads per month to promote their mission, services and harness new supporters, volunteers and donors via Google search.

For charities that provide exceptional account management and can demonstrate a history of being able to meet account criteria, there is an opportunity for them to apply and receive ‘Google Grants Pro’ status benefiting from $40,000 (£26,500) per month of digital spend to use within Google search.

If you already have a Google Grant, Receptional can help you increase your results - scroll down to the end of this article to find out how.

How do we get started?

It's easy to get started with Google Ad Grants.

Firstly, you need to check your eligibility and sign up. Google provide clear instructions as to how to do this HERE.

Once you’ve signed up, here are the 4 key steps you need to know:

A) Think of the ‘keywords’ that describe your charity – these should be words that describe your cause and activities. Try to think of synonyms, too!

B) Decide where people will see your adverts – as a local charity you may choose to restrict your adverts to your specific geographical area to ensure your adverts have maximum impact. A person in Boston, US is unlikely to be able to attend your activity in Boston, Lincolnshire!

C) Write some clear, punchy content about your charity with a link to your donation page, website or campaign.

D)  Decide how much of the grant money to ‘pay’ each time someone clicks through to your website via the link (a maximum of $2).

Of course, the best results are delivered by companies that are Google Qualified. To fully benefit  from Google Adwords it would be recommended to use a resource that understands the more complicated aspects of the service - Bid Capping, Quality Score and how to compete with other charities that are also running the Google Grants programme.

Need extra help?

Receptional is a digital agency that works with a range of charitable organisations, both small and large for helping set up a Google Grant to assisting with management. They offer:

Free advice for those charities that are interested in applying for a Google Grant and for charities that currently run a Google Grant but want to achieve better results, a free no obligation health check that provides clear actionable advice. Want more information?

Why not contact Receptional for your Free Google Grant Health check today?

Rob Bradley - Benefiting from a broad digital background encompassing start-up, professional services, business management and culminating with running a Digital Agency overseas Rob is a creative analyst at heart that enjoys helping organisations and Charities gain market share, increase their point of difference and improve their digital ROI.

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