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Featured charities 4,592 views Aug 11, 2016
EGO 1.1. Keeping Art Alive in Coventry

Hi, I’m Mollie, I’m 17 and I am Chair of EGO’s Youth Management team!                                                   

This year EGO Performance is celebrating 10 years of working with hundreds of the most amazing people. People of all ages, from all walks of life, with different abilities and different needs.  We’ve had the greatest pleasure in offering them many opportunities and a creative space that has allowed them to find their confidence and discover their talents as well as making great friends along the way.  We have seen first hand how this work truly changes peoples lives and how it can bring communities together, and we plan to continue to develop our work for many more years to come.


At EGO we’re not scared of a challenge, but this one is  pretty massive!  We need to raise £1.1 million to purchase the building that we currently occupy.  We are in danger of being forced out of our home, an arts centre that the members, volunteers and staff have worked so hard to create. So we’ve decided there’s only one way forward, we need to buy it!

EGO Arts Venue was a concept imagined by young people - that is now a reality.  It was created because there was a huge need for creative space in the city. Since we’ve been here we have worked with many different community organisations. It is now needed more than ever.

Please help us keep our arts venue. It means a whole lot more to people than just a building; it’s a safe, caring environment where people are entertained and have fun. It is also a venue where they can get a hot meal, a hug, free wifi to speak to their family, even just to get out of the rain - all the things that make our city a better place.

You can really help by making a cash donation, ideas, enthusiasm and contacts and sharing our story with your friends and family.

Want to find out more? come and visit us!

Without the kind and generous support from people like you, we simply wouldn’t exist.

Thank you!

Mollie Smith, Chair of EGO’s Youth Management team: 

"As the Chair of EGO's Youth Management Team I have the opportunity to work with all members from our various groups, along with the Board of Trustees to make important decisions about EGO's future- one of which being to purchase our building! I have never met a more diverse or interesting group of people than I have here at EGO and I can honestly say that they are like my second family. My life without EGO would be infinitely different: it has increased my confidence tenfold, given me lifelong friends and has taught me things school never could. I hope EGO continues for many more years to come so that other people can benefit from EGO's inspirational work, like I have.  I really hope that everyone reading this believes that EGO 1.1 is as important as I do, not only to the members, but also to the community and Coventry as a whole!"

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