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Chandos House are giving someone vulnerable a home and a future

  • Bristol’s only residential Addiction Treatment Centre, Chandos House, are fundraising through Localgiving to continue their incredible work with vulnerable members of the community.

    Due to government cuts, they now rely on fundraising to pay for treatment. This Christmas they are looking to raise £11,700 through Localgiving to take just one drug dependent homeless man off the streets.

    As the temperatures plummet and winter sets in, they are using money raised via online fundraising to help turn a homeless person’s life around, help reconnect them with their family, friends and in turn help lower anti-social and criminal behaviour in our community.

    According to statistics from Homeless Link the number of homeless people in Bristol has increased by 128% over the past three years. 39% of homeless people in their study reported having a drug problem and 80% reported having mental health issues. Currently 100% of Chandos residents have experienced homelessness and are receiving treatment for PTSD.

    The success of Chandos House is attributed to their unique approach -  their therapeutic community is based on compassion and brotherhood and offers men the opportunity to transform their lives. At the end of treatment, a very different person emerges - responsible and compassionate fathers, sons, brothers, partners and members of society.

    Addiction has a profound impact not only on the individual but also on the people around them. The NHS Guidelines for Drug Misuse state that ‘Drug related crime inflicts a major cost on local communities and the national economy. There is strong evidence that drug treatment significantly reduces drug-related crime.’

    Chandos House is the only Residential Addiction Treatment Centre remaining in Bristol. 25% of the UK’s rehabs have been forced to close their doors since 2008. This deeply valued local gem, which has survived for 35 years, is in a risky position in these financially precarious times and they need the community’s support.

    The Localgiving West of England Programme has supported Chandos House to launch their first ever crowdfunding appeal on Localgiving and they’ve raised over £7,000 of their £11,700 target. This has included help with a press release, social media support, promotional materials and 1-1 fundraising advice. However they still need the financial support of the community to raise the final £4,000 via their Localgiving page and provide treatment for one Bristol based homeless man this Christmas.

    If you would like to help them give someone back their future and help the community please go to

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