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Tips & guides 6,415 views Feb 02, 2017
Rod's Top Tips on Running for Fun and Funds!

Hello! I’m Rod, and I make music as Bright Light Bright Light.

I’m a very independent (until last October, totally independent) musician, so I know how hard people are working to run charities from grassroots levels, which is why I am so thrilled to be a Localgiving ambassador.

I recently set up my own fundraising page to raise money for Pride Cymru, and it was very easy to do so!

Here’s how:

1) Choose a charity that means a lot to you.

I grew up in the South Wales valleys as a gay man, and in places further from towns, that can be a very scary and overwhelming experience. I think Pride Cymru do excellent, year round, work to provide support for LGBTQ people, and I want to help them to keep that excellent work going, providing essential support and awareness for people.

2) Pick a challenge you'll enjoy

I love running, and I have a single coming out called ‘Running Back To You’, so I thought it would fit together nicely to set up a running challenge. Not everyone can find time to be free when official races happen, and not everyone can raise the amount needed to enter, so setting up a smaller target, or fundraising for a charity closer to your heart, can be a good way to make a difference.

3) Set up you Localgiving fundraiser page

Setting up the page was so easy. It took less than 5 minutes (depending on your typing speed!) I simply did it on the Localgiving page via this link : it’s painless!

4) Raising funds means raising awareness

Depending on your fundraising target, you can be less or more pushy about raising awareness of the event. Social media is perfect to share what you’re doing, especially with friends or family on Facebook. They can share and re-post to their friends and family, and you can make it almost a team effort very easily. For me, I also used my artist social media like my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

5) Become a Local Hero

Signing up before April also means that Localgiving will include you as a “Local Hero”. I love the way that they treat their charities, and their fundraisers, as without everyone making the effort, the whole thing wouldn’t work. Be a local hero, and help out a cause that you care about with their network of lovely people who can guide you through the process.

In this video Rod discusses why he become a Localgiving ambassador