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Featured charities 3,471 views Apr 06, 2017
Sponsor a Tile - Time to Make Your Mark

Rebecca Gibson, Development Manager the Archway Project, explains how they use digital tools to support their fundraising activities.

What is the Archway Project?

The Archway Project will transform the learning facilities at the Roman Baths. It consists of three elements:

  1. A new learning centre that includes a pioneering Investigation Zone set among in-situ Roman remains
  2. A new World Heritage Centre for Bath that will enthuse everyone to explore our special city
  3. An extension to the Roman Baths - currently, a sauna (called a laconicum) is hidden behind two non-descript wooden doors. These doors will disappear, and visitors to the Baths will be able to enjoy it.

These will open in 2019.  

Why is the Archway Project important?

The learning facilities at the Roman Baths are over-subscribed and inadequate for the needs of 21st century learners. There is also nowhere for people to learn about why Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finally, some of the Roman archaeology and collections are under threat if they are not cared for. The Archway Project will address all these needs simultaneously.

What is the sponsor a tile appeal?

Donors can leave their own individual mark and message of support on a virtual tile. The marks are inspired by our collection of Roman ceramic building materials – box tiles and bricks. The box tiles were used to construct the Great Bath’s roof. Builders marked the surface of the actual tiles with wooden combs, to help the mortar stick. One of the bricks in our collection, similar to those that feature in the laconicum floor, features a dog’s paw print.

Who is leading the appeal?

The Roman Baths Foundation is an independent charity, whose purpose is to support learning and conservation at the Roman Baths through fundraising and advocacy. Fundraising for the Archway Project is its first task.

Rebecca Gibson, Development Manager, is leading the fundraising drive for the Archway Project.

Rebecca says: “Sponsor a tile is the first time the Foundation has used a digital platform to raise funds. Local Giving and platform developers Considered Creative worked closely together to help us create it. We wanted something dynamic that would appeal to local residents. With Local Giving’s and Considered Creative’s support, we have achieved that. Now we are working on promoting it.”

How do I sponsor a tile?

Sponsoring a tile is easy and low-cost. You can sponsor a tile here from £5.

How do I find out more about the Archway Project?

There is lots of information about the project on the Roman Baths website or you can contact Rebecca directly at

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Image:  Rebecca Gibson, Development Manager, standing next to the Laconicum, which will be open to the public in 2019.