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How to Make Your Christmas Appeal the Real Deal!

  • On 8th December we will be launching our Christmas Top 40 appeal campaign, so this is the perfect opportunity for your group to create your first appeal page!

    How to create an appeal page

    Appeal pages work in a similar way to fundraising pages. They include target bars and the facility for your supporters to leave comments. Funds raised through these pages are defined within your reports, making tracking your donations quick and simple.

    Please click here for our 'How to create an Appeal page' resource with an easy step-by-step guide to help you set up your first appeal.


    How to run a successful appeal campaign

    You can also click here for our 13 tips for running a successful appeal which takes you through everything from making your ask to thanking your supporters.


    Christmas Top 40 campaign

    Our Christmas Top 40 campaign will be running between 8th December and 8th January and we will be awarding £100 to the first 40 groups to raise £100 through a Localgiving Appeal page. In addition to 40 prizes of £100, the appeal to raise the most money between the campaign start and end dates will win our bonus Top Spot Prize of £1,000! So, even if you aren’t ready to set up your page from the 8th December, you could still win the top prize over the month that the campaign is running.

    Please click here for our more information about the campaign. 

    Contact Us

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