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Featured charities 3,106 views Jul 20, 2017
Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow?

I’m Beth House and I’m the Creative Producer at Taking Flight Theatre Company. We are a small charity aiming to challenge perceptions of disability through making quality touring theatre that showcases talented, professional disabled, D/deaf, sensory impaired and non-disabled performers working together.

Taking Flight Theatre does not get core funding. There is some business development support from The Arts Council of Wales, plus project funding from them too. In addition to this, we get lots of small grants from a wide variety of sources… and then we fundraise like crazy.

It's really hard to fundraise to cover our planning time. We have loads of brilliant projects coming up next year. These include an England tour of You’ve Got Dragons, our show for young children based on the picture book by Kathryn Cave which gently raises the issue of mental health in very young people, and of course our annual accessible Shakespeare tour of Wales. But we need time to plan and manage all these projects starting now.

Lots of people give to Taking Flight- money, time, support, smiles- I wanted to give something too. So I decided to do something drastic. I love my hair so I thought- why not shave it off? But not all of it (let’s face it- that’s been done) so just half of it. And dye the rest. Whatever colour the sponsors want me to dye it.

I made a fundraising page to this end on my own personal Locagiving account: SHAVEBETH’SHAIR .

However, when I started to publicise the campaign, I got lots of cross messages from friends and family who point blank refused to fund me shaving off the locks THEY had grown so attached to (Huh!). So, I set up a second page: SAVEBETH’SHAIR.

I have set my two fundraising pages in competition with each other. The page that has the greatest total at 10am on July 30th wins and I will save or shave my hair accordingly. If it’s SHAVE, I will also dye my remaining hair the colour voted for by the most SHAVE supporters. The combined total must be at least £1k for me to shave. To shave or not to shave! I’m really hoping to raise at least £1000 towards the work of Taking Flight.

All the money raised will go into the making Taking Flight function over the busy months of planning next year’s shows. 

If you want to see the work of Taking Flight before you decide if you want to support them, they are currently on tour with their take on The Tempest until July 30th. Remaining dates are in West Wales, South Wales and The Forest of Dean for details. Taking Flight are currently also recruiting volunteers and board members.


Show images: Jorge Lizalde Cano
headshot: Claire Cousin

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