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Tips & guides 4,762 views Apr 04, 2018
5 tips to avoid having your Google Grants account deactivated

The Google Grants programme is an incredible free resource for charities.

Many charities use the free advertising spend (which equates to around £85,000 per year) to drive website traffic, help raise awareness of their organisations and also to reach new audiences online.

However several updates were recently announced to the Google Grants program policies, these changes could have a huge impact on charities access to the funding.

Google has stated that ‘any account found in violation of (the updated) programme policies is subject to automatic suspension without notification.’

The following checklist can be used by Google Grants account managers, to understand what changes may need to be made to avoid account deactivation.

We hope you find this checklist useful to check the current health of your Adwords account!

1) Remove single keywords from current accounts

Make sure there are no single keywords in your account like ‘donate’. Expand these to be more specific such as ‘donate to an animal charity’.

Google wants accounts to target highly related terms, which are specific to your charity.

2) Remove low performing keywords

Google wants all accounts to have an account level click through rate (CTR) of 5% or above. This means low performing keywords need to go, as they will be driving down your account level click through rate and not providing good value.

When logged into AdWords go to ‘Ads & keywords’ to view all current keywords and then sort by CTR.

Once done, you can see your keywords ordered by CTR and remove or pause terms which have a CTR of lower than 5%.

Also remove keywords with a quality score of 2 or lower.

3) Focus on branded terms

Make sure there are branded keywords in your AdWords account, as this will drive up your account wide CTR level.

This will also help to push down competitors ads in paid search, who may be bidding on your brand or organisation name.

4) Add location targeting

Make sure your ads target your relevant location or locations. This can be set to United Kingdom and doesn’t need to be more specific than that.

Setting geo targeting will be a great way to improve the relevance of your account and will ensure ads are only shown to your target audience.

5) Minimum 2x Ad Groups and 2x sitelink extensions

Check that you have the minimum required 2x ad groups and 2x sitelink extensions in your account.

It is advisable to have ad groups organised by keyword theme, as this will increase the relevance and authority of your Google Grants account.

We hope that Google Grants account managers can use these 5 tips to double check compliance with the new policy terms and also to help improve their Google Adwords account setup.


Luke is one of the co-founders of Add10, a fresh new digital marketing and branding agency, which works with charities and nonprofits of all sizes.Luke has been lucky enough to have worked with a lot of inspiring charitable organisations, and hopes to work with more in the future to help raise money for great causes! 

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