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  • Inspirational Leadership Workshop
    Lessons from Shakespeare’s Henry V

    Of all Shakespeare’s stories, Henry V is the play from which we can learn the most about the nature of inspiration. Shakespeare wrote the play as the myth of a great leader who endured tough decision-making and personal challenge. Leaders need to be visible. They need to communicate vision and purpose in a way that inspires their teams and truly reflects their passion and commitment with authenticity.
    In this workshop, participants will identify the themes from the story that have the most resonance for them and parallels with their own experiences. This will allow them to explore who they are and how they currently communicate as leaders. This workshop concentrates on achieving the balance of ‘authentic performance’, and the exploration of the story will allow participants to be coached towards their desired outcomes.

    Participants will gain:

    A deeper understanding of their own sense of purpose and core drivers as a leader.
    Knowledge of how this aligns with the purpose of the organisation, the team and the group.
    Insights into what it means to inspire, motivate and build trust.
    Awareness of different styles of leadership for different contexts and the value of flexibility in approach.
    Skills and tools required to build a culture of commitment and trust.

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    10:00 - 16:30
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